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Dog Training & Behaviour

When your dog needs some special attention

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More Than a Walk

Your dog loves the freedom of an off-leash adventure, but wouldn’t it be amazing if that playful energy translated to good manners at home too?

At Stellar Paws, we believe in a holistic approach to canine care.  Our dog walking services go beyond just exercise; they’re an opportunity to build a foundation of good behaviour through positive reinforcement techniques.

But what if your furry friend needs a little extra help?  No problem!  Stellar Paws seamlessly integrates professional dog training with our off-leash walks. 

We collaborate with qualified dog trainers who can assess your dog’s specific needs and create a personalized training plan.  This plan can then be implemented during walks, ensuring consistent reinforcement and faster progress. 

Whether it’s separation anxiety, barking at strangers, or basic obedience commands, our combined approach sets your dog up for success in all aspects of their life.  To learn more about our award-winning walks, click the link below.

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Meet Our Trainer

Bringing over 10 years of experience and a passion for canine well-being, our head trainer Jade leads our team in utilising evidence-based, gentle techniques to address even the most challenging behavioural issues. 

Jade’s exemplary educational background sets her apart, combining her degree in Animal & Veterinary Bioscience with her dog training qualifications to tailor a positive and effective training experience for both dogs and their humans.

Whether your dog struggles with reactivity, aggression, or general anxiety, Jade’s training plan is guaranteed to foster positive change.  But her expertise extends beyond tackling complex behaviours. She’s equally passionate about helping dogs of all ages and breeds thrive. From guiding curious puppies through socialisation stages to assisting senior dogs in adjusting to life changes, Jade ensures each dog receives a personalised approach.

This holistic philosophy, coupled with her genuine love for animals, fosters strong connections that lead to lasting positive transformations. Countless clients have experienced the joy of a well-behaved, happy dog thanks to Jade’s expert guidance and compassionate approach.

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